Sen Monorom

The capital of Mondulkiri province, Sen Monorom is another boom town. The last couple of years has seen some frenetic activity in the rolling hills around the capital. Sen Monorom is famous for it’s waterfalls, it’s cool, hill-country climate and it’s red dust, which given a little water becomes ‘Mud X’, the slipperiest substance on which man has ever driven; it will have a dirt biker on their face or a 4×4 spinning out of control. senmonorom

High Light

  • The scenery as the road rises into the hill country
  • Comfortable climate
  • Bus Ra waterfalls, some of the biggest in the country and a decent ride to get to them
  • The red dust

Points Onward & Riding Conditions

Around Mondulkiri: (Novice)

The roads around town are all red dirt and disappear off into the hill country.

Ratanakiri: (Intermediate/expert)

A classic example of “just coz it’s a line on a map doesn’t make it a road.” Ten years ago not even an ox-cart track, just bad ass going no where bush. But villagers have started growing rice out there and there is a track that is about to be cut into a road. Still a route to be wary off, large areas of nothing, no fuel, no water. Good dirt bike riding.

Kratie: (Novice/Intermediate)

The dirt highway links with the new tarmac Trans Asia Highway near the village of Snoul.

Phnom Penh: (Novice/intermediate)

On our first Rally-Raid in 1998 this trip took three hard days. Now the determined traveler can do it in one day. But why the rush?