Angkor Dirtbike Tours predominately use what Ben and Zeman have found to be the best bike for the job – the Honda XLR 250 and XLR Baja. The single cylinder four-stroke enduro bikes have proved themselves over and over again.

Not only are they exciting to ride, with punchy high compression four stroke motors, long travel suspension and disc brakes front and rear, but over the years they have proven themselves to be absolutely indestructible, more than a match for Cambodias tough dirt highways. The 250s light weight is also an advantage when getting into the rough stuff; try picking a 600 or, god-forbid, a big BMW, when the going gets slippery.

For those committed two-stroke enthusiasts, ADBT can, with arrangement, provide Honda CRM 250s, enduro-derived versions of the CR 250 motocrosser. Desire to ride a CRM should be indicated in advance of the tour date (see terms and conditions for more details).

Most tours are rallies are accompanied by the ADBT back-up truck, a 4×4 support vehicle that has the added advantage of carrying all the tours luggage so that the rider doesn’t have the extra weight strapped around the bike.

The support truck also carries a full compliment of tools and spare parts to keep the bikes at peak performance for the full tour. Another advantage to taking the four wheel drive back-up is that every tour can take its own barbeque with it, meaning a large supply of good ‘aussie tucker’ in the Cambodian outback.