About Us

I was the first to offer motorcycle tours in Cambodia way back in 1996, which means I’ve been offering extreme motorcycle tours in Cambodia for over 16 years now.

I now have a massive following with many riders coming back for their fourth, fifth or even eighth ride, with some of our biggest events having around 45 riders. My Annual Extreme Cambodia Motorcycle Rally is in its fifteenth year and our Extreme Laos Rally is in its second year. There are now more than 15 other dirt bike tour companies in Cambodia with many more throughout South-East Asia. Many of these companies offer easy rides on well-worn paths, but that’s not what we specialise in at Tours in the Extreme.

Our expertise is in offering real adventure for serious riders who want to get off the beaten path and travel to areas where few travelers have been – no easy task.

Instead of offering run-of-the-mill set tours, I’m now running annual events in conjunction with other carefully hand-picked companies and tour guides in other countries so that like-minded riders of the same ability can come together and explore the best trails each country has to offer. No matter which motorcycle tour you decide to do with us, you can rest assured that each event will be unique, well-run and take you into areas which no other companies dare to venture. We ride hard. We ride at night when we have to. We camp out under the stars on several nights and in hotels every other night. And we won’t be stopping to smell the flowers.

Upon request we can also organise rides for private groups of Five or more experienced riders to follow the same routes as our organised rides (or shorter variations, if you prefer).

In addition to the Extreme Cambodia Rally Raid (below), you can follow the link (above) to visit our Extreme Laos website where you’ll find details on our annual Extreme Laos Rally Raid. Over the next few months, we’ll also be expanding our hard-core rides to other countries such as Burma and Canada and anywhere else where we can find suitable rides of the same standard.

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For more details on any ride, or you would like to receive the riders questionnaire/ application for the Extreme Cambodia Rally, Please contact us at [email protected]